Now Face to Face Dark Angels Before Versailles
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Set against the backdrop of a failed Jacobite rebellion
and economic speculation, a young woman grows up
too quickly, a great family navigates disgrace….

Koen talks about writing Through a Glass Darkly


Book of the Month Club
main selection

New York Times best seller



"A heady mixture of sophistication and melodrama, elegance, decadence and homely virtues...stylishly wicked, smartly written and unabashedly bold." — Detroit Free Press

"Greatest romance ever written" — Romance Writers Report 2001; Book of Month Club main selection; New York Times best seller.

"Karleen Koen has created a stupendous saga full of romance, unrequited love, sex, duels, family dynamics and politics." — United Press International

"Koen is a graceful, natural writer and Through a Glass Darkly is a notable accomplishment, a suspenseful, romantic and vividly believable historical [novel] from a new writer who knows how to use (not abuse) her research material." — Kirkus Reviews

"What an incredibly potent evocation of the eighteenth century and what mastery Karleen Koen has over her enormous canvas." — Rosemary Sutcliff, author of The Eagle of the Ninth